Nike Run London

Dr Craig, Dr Carlyle, CA Anna and Dr Peter (kindly assisting for the day) made up the Putney Chiropractic Nike Run London team last weekend.

Perfect day for it
After a week of torrential downpours, the team awoke on sunday to blue skies and perfect conditions. A very social run start time of around midday suited everyone, and the team gathered up in Hyde Park to do some warm up stretches and prepare for the race ahead.

The Nike 10k was this year divided into North London and South London. You could choose who to run for, but everyone ran at the same location. The agregate time of the entire teams would produce an eventual winner.

This time it’s personal
We had decided to make it a little more personal, and our friends at Profeet all ran for the North Team. Our agregate times vs their agregate times.

Unfortunately for us, Profeet had a 35 minute runner on their team, which brought their adverage time down considerably – well done Andy – but meant that it was us buying the drinks after the race!