Monika’s story

“Now I know that the problems with my shoulder and pain down my right arm have started many years ago. Little twinges, numbness in fingers and slowly an ever-growing pain from the shoulder all the way down my arm, and lately to my fingers.

Firstly I ignored these twinges, shrugging them off and in a way I got used to an uncomfortable feeling. When I felt a loss of strength during daily tasks such as carrying weight, then I started to worry but did not know what to do about it. When I observed how chiropractic helped my partner, I became hopeful and booked myself into Putney Chiropractic.

From the start the friendly, open, humorous and caring environment made me feel very welcome. After the initial examination and x-rays it was almost a relief to know the pain had a physical reason and an explanation. Subluxations of my spine in several places! I also felt cross with myself for having put up with discomfort for so long.

The relief of the worst of pain was dramatic. The pain ‘travelling’ back up my arm in weeks in a similar way as it had travelled down in years. I came to trust Craig more and more with the adjustments, realising that healing will take time and that it is a shared responsibility. I can only describe Craig as having knowledgeable, almost telepathic hands, reason being his tremendous experience and knowledge in the field. The adjustments are slightly different every time, but working together to encourage the healing process of my whole spine.

In phase one of my healing process I started running again (jogging possibly, for all the very fit guys out there), on occasions Pilates stretching and stretches from the PCC website. It is great being able to have rotational movement in the right shoulder again without pain. I generally very quickly observed feeling ‘perkier’ all together, having more energy and enjoying life better.

Having visited the workshop I had a boost in overall body awareness and a little jolt to look after myself in a more holistic way. Although I still have not managed the ’10 day challenge’, I definitely drink more water during the day. I also found it very encouraging that brain synapses have a chance to reconnect, that there is a long term way forward to ‘unlearn’ bad habits and that with Craig’s help I can look forward to restored health and long term fitness and improved body functionality.

Now in phase two, I feel myself connecting in a better way with my body, feeling when I hold myself incorrectly and then adjusting my posture. That in itself is very empowering. I still have a slight twinge, but years of not listening to my body cannot be undone immediately, true healing takes time. But I am in it for the long run and plan to let Putney Chiropractic Centre assist me in the process.

The positive ethos of all the people involved is inspiring and a deep felt thank you to all of them for helping me to heal to take out the stress when being late on occasions for appointments. Now I am definitely ‘on purpose with Chiropractic’!”

Monika Hammel-Lobo