Monday Motivation – September 4th

Good morning & happy Monday!

Exo-Skeleton running shoes anyone!?
I came across these this week and it made me wonder if the barefoot running movement is fading out.  I still believe it’s crucial the foot is able to move as naturally as possible to stimulate all the spatial sensors that tell the brain what’s happening down there…
What do you think?

Doping in sport.
See what happens when a cyclist races the hardest 7 day stage race in the world, the Haute Route, twice.
The first clean and the second fully loaded with the same doping protocol as Lance Armstrong. 
Oh, and then see what went on with the Russian doping scandal.
If you’re interested in sport file this one under “must watch”.
When did you last play your favourite sport?

Positive News
And… to counteract the previous point… Thankfully some dedicate themselves to spreading good vibes.Positive News is exactly what it sounds like, a magazine filled with great journalism about great things.
What are you feeling positive about?

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we all know that being on our iPhone too much isn’t cool, but how much are we really on it?  Well, with Moment you can now track how long and what apps you spend your time on (insert appropriate gulp!)
Errr… put it down!?

The Happy Pear
A few people have asked me recently how they can eat better.
So here are the “rules” I try to stick to:

  1. Eat real food
  2. Mainly plants
  3. Not too much

But what then!?!?
Then I go to The Happy Pear website (or straight to their YouTube channel) and make one of their delicious, cheap and EASY recipes.
When did you last cook yourself dinner? 

Have a great week.

Luke X