Monday Motivation – September 10th

Good morning everyone,

Well we survived the best summer I can remember, the schools are back and autumn is on its way. Here’s this week’s dose of Monday Motivation for you.

1. Sunday, September 23nd is the start of Autumn, for those like me who always get confused about equinox/solstice read this. Apparently all to do with the earths axis which is tilted 23.4 degrees and a time when the northern and southern hemispheres get equal number of hours daylight!

2. Those with kids are celebrating the end of the long summer break and here are some cool tips about how to encourage good practice for school backpacks. According to an international study, daily backpack carrying is a frequent cause of discomfort for school children. School backpacks were felt to be heavy by 79.1% of children, to cause fatigue by 65.7%, and to cause back pain by 46.1%.

3. South west London’s Putney Leisure Centre hit the ‘Instagram’ headlines when The Rock and Jack Whitehall took a dig at the PLC. Check out this funny little video from Jack on Insta.

4. My wife Gail reminded me of her favourite podcast last week, check out the BBC’s News Quiz for a comical look into the news. Which, in turn, reminded me of the show Luke and I took in last year. The ‘no such thing as a fish’ podcast team from the QI offices are still going strong with the 223 episode just released and I believe they are touring again later this year.

5. Did you know that more that half your body is not human? Human cells make up only 43% of the body’s total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists. Read more here.

Until next time,