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Monday Motivation – October 2nd

Morning All!

October!?!?!?  Errrr… Where has the year gone?  (12 Mondays to Christmas, yep.)
Thankfully there’s still 3 whole months in 2017 to make this year one of your best.

With that in mind, did you make your bed this morning?
Change the world, make your bed.  
I’m a big proponent of rituals (some prefer the term routines) that set up my day and help me be more effective.
Making your bed every morning is one of the most simple yet psychologically affirming things you can do to get your day off to a productive start.
Watch this (6:01min)

You have to see this (1:58 min).
May I introduce the Earthquake bed.

Need help getting your little ones to brush their teeth before bed?
Enter the Bleep Bleep, the first musical toothbrush inspired to get the whole family brushing together.

Part of my morning ritual is a series of breathing exercises (I’m currently using this Apnea training app).
Check this out for taking the holding your breath thing to a whole other level.

Last week my favourite band, The National, played four nights at Hammersmith Apollo (I went twice).  They could have sold out a couple of nights at the O2 but against commercial demand opted for shows at the smaller venue because they want to deliver a better experience to their fans.
Mad respect.
New album here.
A little taster here.

Big love,

P.S.  Pet owners check out Dote for some super slick and ethically made pet products (I love the Sculptural blanket).