Monday Motivation – October 22nd

Hi everyone,

Craig here and we’ve got something a little different for you today.

I’ve asked each of our chiros to put one of our Monday Motivation emails together for you each month. Today, it’s Liam Kelly. Read more about Liam and what he’s into below…

Hi guys!

I’ve been working at the Kew/Richmond branch of Chiro.London, however have recently set-up full time at Fulham, where I can’t wait to serve and be involved with the local community! A little about me…I;m from Sydney, Australia (another Aussie!!)  and moved to the UK 2 years ago to work as a chiropractor, eventually settling in London at the beginning of this year where I began working for the Chiro.London Group.  In my spare time, I enjoy keeping active by going to the gym, swimming, running, but my all-time favourite thing to do is to jump in the ocean (difficult in London!) and either surf, kayak, or jump on anything that floats really!

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is important in the regulation and uptake of calcium and phosphate in the body.  In other words, you can drink all the milk you want but it’ll count for nothing unless there is sufficient Vitamin D to absorb it.

The reason I’m bringing up this important vitamin is because we create most of our Vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin, which can be difficult in the winter.  The NHS recommend taking a Vitamin D supplement, however I prefer to look at how we can get certain minerals and vitamins through dietary intake.  The top foods containing high amounts of Vitamin D include:

– Oily fish – such as salmon, mackerel and tuna
– Egg yolks
– Red meat
– And for our vegan friends, mushrooms

Exercise (nooooo!!)
Talking about winter, now the weather is getting colder, the sky’s getting greyer, daylight getting less and less, it’s fair enough our motivation to exercise tends to be pretty low! However, I believe winter is the perfect time to try something new and spark new motivation.

Try something like a spin class, yoga, bouldering, boxing, etc.  Most gyms and studios will offer some sort of introductory deal so you can try it out without locking yourself into anything.  Try using an app like Classpass to find something in your area that you’d like to try.  Remember, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you sweat as long as you enjoy it! If you enjoy it, do it.  If you’re not enjoying it, try something else.

Wet Weather Activities
November and December tend to be the wettest months of the year, which is the
perfect excuse to try out all the indoor wet-weather activities London has to offer. There’s plenty of museums, galleries, or if your game, a giant ball pit! Check out Timeout for a huge list of plenty of stuff to get up to. Of course there is always sitting by a fire in a cozy pub with a warming mulled wine or a stout…

I absolutely love musicals! I’ve recently been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat in anticipation for the end of November show I’m going to and I can’t wait! My all-time favourite is Les Miserables and I’ve been lucky enough to see it numerous times, however Phantom of the Opera is very close. Do yourself a favour and check out the TheatreTix app to find a musical that tickles your fancy.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you picked up some info on a few things and some extra motivation to try some new things.