Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation – October 16th

Hi everyone!

Here’s a small selection of what I’ve been enjoying recently…

1. If you like eating out and supporting charities this app is worth a look (no extra cost to you!)

2. If you’re like me and sometimes feel a little hard done by the fact we still don’t have flying cars perhaps the wait is nearly over… enter the Kitty Hawk!

3. There are so many benefits to reading, some pretty obvious ones, but did you know it helps wire your brain for empathy?  Read this short article on some interesting research.

4. You’re probably well aware that the nutrients in our food these days is significantly less than it was only a few decades ago. Up until recently it was thought to be primarily due to over-farming of land, however this interesting research suggests it’s something more…

5. On a positive note, many think all is not lost and that there’s cause for optimism!  I’m enjoying this Climate Optimist site.

See you all in a couple of weeks when I’m back from my sister’s wedding in Australia.

Big love,

Luke X