Monk motivation

Monday Motivation – November 6th


With the monthly update last week this is the Monday Motivation back for me! I’m back safe’n sound from a great time in Aus. It’s now time to get geared up for the big push through to Christmas (7 weeks, yep, I said it).

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying 🙂

1. I missed my electric toothbrush while I was traveling BUT I made up for it with this bamboo eco-friendly toothbrush (yes I had to move my arm as opposed to just holding it near my teeth, but I still love it).

2. I missed the end of the Aussie Rules football season (my team are still a bit crap anyway) but found this highly amusing.

3. Next trip… Mars!!  Well maybe.  Or at least something “like” Mars if this actually happens.

4. Processed foods… so easy, but generally so not-healthy.  Here’s a quick read that may help you kick them out of your diet.

5. Laura Jones, our Chinese Medicine Practitioner based in Chiro.London/Marylebone has just completed a charity trek in Ethiopia and has raised £4,500 – awesome work Laura!

6.  And if all else fails why not become a monk in Japan and enter into the world of the 1000 day endurance test.

Namaste X

P.S. – Can’t wait for this.