Monday motivation

Monday Motivation – November 20th

Welcome to Monday you Amazing People!

Here’s what I’ve found and/or loved recently…enjoy.

How much do you know for sure?  
When and where is the scientific method most useful?
I really enjoyed this piece exploring a very important question.

Cycling in the dark…  Exciting but can be more than a little dangerous.  
Volvo has developed what it calls life paint to help cyclists being seen in the dark.
Very cool.

Anna Jones not only makes great food, she makes great cookbooks too.  
Here’s her latest release.
Thank you Anna.

Is Lance Armstrong growing up?
Few people are more provocative than Lance but this interview by Rich Roll certainly lifts the lid on his life and how he’s handling having such a polarizing persona.
(Just a heads up that Rich will have Bryan Fogal, the maker of Icarus, next week and it’s sure to be amazing!)

And…. after the the Lance bit you’ll probably need to chill out.  
Oak is a meditation app that keeps it simple and is well worth a try if you’re feeling the pressure of Christmas fast approaching (and have tried the other meditation apps and not really loved them….)

Big love,

Luke X