Monday Motivation – November 13th

Hi all,

Here’s my latest dose of Monday Motivation for you…

With the release of iPhone X – I thought we could spend some time thinking about digital awareness.  I was at a talk given by the ‘Digital Sisters’ this week and it made me think long and hard about my own use of devices and how am I leading as an example for the next generation.

Check out the Digital Sisters on their website – Digital Awareness UK and watch their movie.

Since attending this talk, I now use a proper docking/charging station and keep all devices downstairs and out of all bedrooms. (especially at night)

Last year I went to Sky High Yoga  – this year I see they are doing HIIT (thats High Intensity Interval Training) 36 floors above central London – views are amazing.

The Warren Smith Ski Academy come to Putney Chiro – Wednesday night, 29th November. Never before have Craig McLean and Warren Smith been seen in the same room together – until now! More info here.

Pelvic floor night by ex GB rower now PT and mum Baz Moffat. Baz…”I go far beyond squeeze and lift and learn how to get the pelvic floor to do its job properly”
More info here and tickets here.

Marylebone News 
Welcome Doc Emma Horner to the Chiro London/Marylebone team. She’ll be joining Doc’s Luke Mulvihill and Erana Tupaea. Don’t forget about the great massage team up in Marylebone.

Oh and thanks Dr Luke Brady for his help over the last year in Marylebone – Luke is concentrating on Putney in the short term.

Not to mention you guys should go to this amazing looking Christmas night in Chiltern Street.

Thanks all,

Doc Craig

PS – I put some mudguards on the purple bike.