Monday Motivation – May 21st

Hi guys,

Please accept my apologies for starting things off on a somber note this week, but I’m still processing the death of Scott Hutchison – the lead singer of Frightened Rabbit.  The Scottish singer/songwriter battled with mental health difficulties for years and I like to think found some solace in his music. Here is one of my favourite performances by Scott and here is where you can find out more about mental health care in the UK.

Akashinga, Women protecting animals.
These incredible women, Akashinga, from the International Anti-Poaching Foundation have made their first arrests for poaching in Zimbabwe!  Here’s the BBC coverage of their incredible journey.

Getting organised with food. 
After a few months of eating out most nights (not as awesome as is may sound) I recently started cooking (again).  Cheaper, definitely healthier and more satisfying.  Here’s a good place to start!

Taking time.
To much disbelief I’m actually away at the moment – enjoying some time in the Scottish Highlands!  The trip was partly inspired by this blog by Trakke (who make some of my favourite backpacks) and Holly Harmsworth’s beautiful insta feed.

Becoming Supernatural – my book of the month
I’m loving Dr Joe Dispenza’s most recent book, Becoming Supernatural.  Few people are able to explain the concepts of quantum mechanics, health and life in such a succinct and applicable way.  [email protected] Dispenza, a former Chiropractor turned researcher, has spent his career exploring how ordinary people are able to do the seemingly extraordinary.  Here he is on the TED stage

Have a great week!

Luke x
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