Monday Motivation – May 14th

Hi all!

This is the 50th edition of an idea that was formed out of sharing ideas from us, Craig and Luke, the founders of Chiro London (previous editions can be found on our blog.) If you haven’t received this before we have been doing some housekeeping of our database and are attempting to only contact active clients who have recently attended one of our clinics. If this isn’t your cup of tea please unsubscribe through the link in the footer.

Here are some of our favourite things of late that hopefully inspire you to move, think and feel better.

Let’s kick things off with a quote I’ve been pondering:

Change “…is the only constant in life”….. some really old guy (more specifically Heraclitus, a pre-Socractic Greek philosopher)

Change can be challenging, welcome, scary, helpful, stressful, easy, hard, healing… and many, many more things.  We observe in our practices time and time again that a healthy spine and nervous system helps people adapt easier to whatever change is happening for them.

What’s changing for you at the moment?

Spinal Awareness Week

This week is spinal awareness week and as Chiropractors we are all about helping you create positive change in your health. We’ve put together this page on the Chiro.London website and embedded some useful videos to help you make lasting positive change to your habits of nutrition, exercise and de stressing.

Or read this if you want advice from the likes of Sir Ranulph Fiennes….

Legendary adventurers and elite athletes reveal their personal tips for staying fit in body and mind.

Big changes in life cause stress 

We’ve made a some tough business decisions recently and we both could feel the effects of mental stress on us physically.  Read about 8 signs that mean you are internalising too much stress, read about how you can minimise this effect or just download our fav meditation app Headspace or become a ninja fruit warrior or play a game of the original computer game Pong there’s an app!

(NB – don’t spend too much time on your phones – it’s bad for your neck!)

Some cool other things we’ve seen….

We know exercise is good for us, but did you know that up until recently exercise was not part of the care plan for cancer patients?  Thankfully new research is pointing the way towards the benefits of exercising whilst undergoing cancer treatment.  In fact: “If exercise was a pill it would be prescribed to every patient.”

Digitally programmed water.  Woah.  MIT has developed a way to program water droplets – enabling them to merge, split and translate water with possible uses including entertainment, painting, art… We’re generally made up of a little over 50% water… where could this go!?  This reminds me of one of my favourite books, The Hidden Messages in Water, that explores how water can shift into crystals depending on its surroundings, truly beautiful!

Ciao and thanks,

Craig and Luke

PS – we love ideas from our local scene – if you have something you think belongs here – let us know and we’ll try and squeeze it in.