Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation – March 6th

Every week we send out ‘Monday Motivation’ – a quick email penned by either Doc Craig or Doc Luke. It includes health advice, the things that have inspired them and a round-up of what’s going on at Putney Chiro.

Hi folks,

Welcome to the first Monday Motivation Bulletin from Putney Chiropractic¬†where we’ll be sharing some of our favourite things from the week with you.

There’ll be a smattering of health tips and info on stuff we’re enjoying and we think you will too. Needless to say your email address will only be used by us. We’ll never spam you nor try to flog you stuff and if you don’t want to hear from us you can take your name off the list through the link below.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Our immunity booster.

If you want to give your immune system a boost, try apple cider vinegar in water. When the body is inflamed it’s acidic. Apple cider vinegar is a weird substance that is acidic but alkaline forming in the body (who knew?!) Add a table spoon of cider vinegar to your water throughout the day. Tangy, yummy and good for you. Here’s a good organic one I use.

2. Hacksaw Ridge.

Woah. Big movie. Super full on and not for the faint of heart. For me it showed how strength and courage doesn’t need weapons. Made me think how can we show strength and compassion today? Can we do it, in small or big ways, every day? ¬†You can check out the trailer here.

3. Lacrosse Balls.

Marathon season is on us and, as well as getting your spine checked before and after a marathon, here is a top tip for easing tension that you can do while watching the TV at home. Buy a lacrosse ball and roll your feet back and forth over it, this gives them a great massage that helps ease tension throughout the whole lower extremity. Best done just before bed to help get you nice and relaxed for sleep… zzzzzzz.

There’s plenty of different ones available through Amazon.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this first edition, Dr Craig will be bringing you the next instalment a week today.

Have a great week and look forward to seeing you soon,

Dr Luke Brady