Monday Motivation – March 5th

Morning gang,

May I wish you all a very warm welcome to March!

I’ve been thinking a lot about time recently – here are some musings that I invite you to take time to contemplate.

It’s easy to buy into the illusion that time is speeding up.
It’s not.
How we experience time has a lot to do with our relationship to time.
Would you say you work with time?
Or maybe against time?
How do you spend time?
Is time your’s to spend in the first place?

It’s now time to share some links to stuff that’s helping me enjoy and fill “my time”.

1. Future Islands.  Great band, great name. They also have one of the most enthusiastic front men in the business as can be witnessed here while performing on Dave Letterman a few years ago.  When did you last have that much fun!?

2. Akashinga – The Brave Ones.  The IAPF are empowering disadvantaged women in Africa to use their time to protect animals who can’t protect themselves from poachers.  Founder, Damien Mander, shares his story from Australian Special Forces to animal protector on TedX.  You can donate here.

3. 50 million new trees.  Thinking about the future, the UK government released plans to plant a coast-to-coast forest across the north of England.  A huge investment of time in the future…

4. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were taught a few more life lessons in school?  I think this excellent read covers most of what was (and maybe is still) missing in school education.

5.The process.  Have you ever started something, hit a hurdle, hit another one… again… and started to wonder “maybe this is just too hard, maybe I should just quit?”.  Yeah, me too. Check this out. 

“You’re awesome. Yep, really.”

Have a great week people X
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