Monday Motivation – March 27th

Hi guys,

Welcome to week 4 of our Monday Motivation – a simple sharing of ideas that can help you be well, get healthier and be at your best. We’d love to know what you think of these or if there’s any topics you’d like us to cover. Let us know by just emailing us back or leaving a comment on our Facebook page. Equally, pease do opt out below if you aren’t enjoying these emails.

1. My guide to boosting your immune system – Following on from Luke’s guide to getting a better night’s sleep last week (check it out here in case you missed it) check out my 7 tips for giving your immune system a boost as well as what to do if you’re struck down by a cold or bug.

2. Something for your reading list –  I’m exhausted after the 6 nations rugby tournament, congrats to England and their Australian mastermind. Check out this book Legacy by James Kerr. An English chap who followed the All Blacks for 5 weeks during the build up to the World Cup and produce this compelling book on leadership.

3. Get moving – Movement is key. We are designed to move and there is this great app that can help you get from the sofa to a 5k run in 9 week  or if you know someone running the marathon send them this and we’ll help them perform at their best.

4. Dog days –  Ever wanted to own a dog but don’t want the hassle? Check this out I know a couple of people use this service and have ‘Buddy’ come a stay once a week after school. Great idea, the kids will love you and it will get you walking.

Have a great week, we hope to see you soon and please let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to cover in these emails.

Craig McLean