Monday Motivation – March 26th

Hi everyone,

Hope you had great weekends and are raring to go for the week ahead. Here’s this week’s slice ofMonday Motivation for you.

1. Results of the Blood Pressure poll

Thanks guys, we had over 100 votes for our BP poll from my last MM – and I’m excited to say that 98% of you voted for improved exercise and lifestyle habits over a lowing of the HBP diagnosis point – thanks for getting involved. I love a poll – I’m running another one this time on Chronic Opioid/Painkiller use – read below for more info and a get voting on our Instagram.

2. Books 

After recent visit to my dentist, Doc Bryan Long recommended this book, The Dental Diet by Dr Steven Lin. It’s all about the link to dental hygiene and habits can influence our overall health and wellbeing.

Get the book or just listen to a podcast interview with Dr Lin or watch his TED talk.

Oh yeah, I found an even better flossing device.

3. The Greatest Showman

Gail, my wife, shared this amazing clip with me about the passion Hugh Jackman has for singing – watch behind the scenes of a practice session of a song from the greatest showman and prepare to be moved (oh and the movie was epic too!).

4. Cycling

Good Friday meet – blatant plug to watch some velodrome bike racing – and I’m one of the competitors…. tickets here.

5. Opioids

This article discusses how opioids are, rightly, given to people to cope with cancer pain and possibly an option for short-lived acute pain. But as the authors point out, the widespread prescribing of opioids for people with long-term pain is controversial because “opioids are ineffective in much chronic pain beyond modest effects in the short term”. You can read the news article here and the research here.

Given that most musculoskeletal joint pain is caused from lack of individual joint movement – I’m thinking a long term movement strategy is possibly better than chronic opioid use. Let me know – vote on our Instagram story poll here.