Monday Motivation – March 20th

Hi folks,

How’re you feeling? Good weekend? Craving next weekend already? Or are you ready to crush this week, starting with TODAY?!

I’m consistently stunned at how many people struggle with mornings (& Mondays)! That’s part of the reason why we’re sending you some Monday Motivation.

Let’s start with…

1. Sleep. We’re designed to wake up feeling AWESOME and this really starts with a carefully cultivated night time ritual. (Read my sleep notes here) One of the best “better sleep” tips is really simple and POWERFUL!

Reduce the amount of “blue light” that’s jacking up your system before bed by installing f.lux and switching on the Night Shift setting on your phone.

2. Food. Had a great brunch at Farmacy last Sunday, as you can see here. Beautiful setting, great staff, super tasty healthy food in Notting Hill. Easily got a table at 10am, but a line was forming as we left at 11:30am… You’re welcome 🙂

3. Magic. Everyday in our office we get to see the MAGIC of having kids grow up with healthy spines and nervous systems. The UCA put together this great video about the MAGIC of children and Chiropractic care, enjoy.

Have a great week,

Luke X

PS. I went to Harry Potter World last week… A great day out with Juli (my love), Tess (my sister) & Aaron (her love). It brought back memories of reading all the books and reignited a sense of wonder, imagination and of course MAGIC!

When did you last feel “magic”? I CHALLENGE you to make some magic happen TODAY!

Let me know and leave a comment!