Monday Motivation – March 19th

Gooooooood morning!

I’m calling it…. it’s SPRING!  The snow (that was weird) has cleared, the days are getting longer (it’s not pitch dark when I’m up at 5am… yep, that’s still a thing) and I saw a dude wearing a t-shirt last week, granted he looked rather cold.  To celebrate I’d like to start with some very exciting news… 1. Remember the Jetsons?  Flying cars and all that cool future stuff? Well, it’s finally happening.  The world’s first commercial flying car was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show. 2. Errr… I don’t have a no. 2 this week as I’m still looking at no. 1. 3. Ok, I found a no. 3.  Have you ever wanted to be more interesting?  Most people do from time to time.  Here’s a really sweet short article about how to branch out and maybe find more “you”.4. Complaining.  It can become a habit and like other habits it may not be good for you (or others).  Here’s an important read about why it’s worth nurturing a positive disposition (love that word) for your health. 5. I’ve recommended this to at least a dozen clients (again) in the past week or so.  It’s still one of my favourite purchases in the past year or so.  Grab one, you will thank me.  (Hint: it’s round and spiky!)6. Due to the lack of no.2 – here’s a 6!  Last weekend in an attempt to be more interesting I ventured well beyond my comfort zone and headed east to Oslo Hackney to see Balmorhea, they were brilliant.  I dropped by Sager + Wilde for a little vino en route.  Wonderful wines and service to match.  Have a wonderful week, book something special for Easter and generally rock on. Big love