Monday Motivation – March 12th

Hi all,

Can you believe Luke and I have posted 43 editions of Monday Motivation? We’re planning something big for the 50th edition. Thanks for some of the positive feedback – keeps us on track and motivated to keep them coming.

Just a reminder of the format – Luke and I alternate every Monday with a break taken once a month when you’ll receive a monthly roundup from the clinic you most often attend.

1. Bacon is apparently the reason why some vegans switch back to meat! I had trouble finding the exact source of this – but there is research to suggest that the fat-protein combination speaks to our evolutionary quest for calories – more info here.

2. Movement is key. I spent Friday at a Heathrow hotel reviewing hundreds of research papers supporting and explaining what we do as chiropractors. You’ll be happy to hear there is massive support for the effectiveness of chiro treatment – however the key to staying healthy long term is movement.

It’s important you keep your body moving – full range of motion – every day. My kids and I downloaded the Sport Relief app and the goal for March 17-23 is to as a nation walk 1 billion steps a day for 7 days! So download the app, link it to your step counting device and get involved. There’s some great movement/exercise videos on the app like the one from Davina introducing you to Barre using a chair!

Asana Rebel is another app you can design your own workouts – or yoga session.

3. Books – a couple books I mainly heard Chris Evans on BBC2 discuss this week

– Why French Children Don’t Throw Food – name says it all really.!

– Why We Sleep, a top sleep scientist argues that sleep is more important for our health than diet or exercise.

4. News – Blood pressure

I’ve seen this story gain momentum over the last few months – talk of lowering the level which high blood pressure is diagnosed from 140/90 mmHg to 130/80  mmHg which would bring up to around 50% of over 50s ‘needing’ to be on blood pressure medication.

We’d love to know your thoughts on this, so this week we’ll be running a poll in our Instagram Story, to get your opinion as to whether you think the high blood pressure reading should be lowered (so get more people on medication to attempt to decrease death from cardiac events) or whether we should exercise more – which has similar effects to medication but requires getting off the sofa (oh, and it may cost the NHS less).

Let me know you thoughts.

See you soon.

Craig McLean
Putney Chiro and Chiro London