Monday Motivation – June 26th

Hi Guys!

I’ve written about sleep and the importance of a night time ritual previously, but with the recent warmer weather I thought I’d start this week by revisiting this topic as some people can struggle to sleep in the heat.

1. Evapolar is a company that makes small, quiet desktop air-conditioning units for small rooms.  Ours in Tooting Chiro has its work cut out for it given the “greenhouse” set up we have there, but it’s worth a look!

2. Sleeping with the window open can let more than cool air in.  Sounds of neighbours having fun in the evening can be distracting so a sound conditioner can be useful.  (It also helps negate the sounds of a playful cat in the middle of the night!)

3. Serious noise going on?  Ear plugs.  These are made of metal and will block out most nighttime noise.

4. (Also, it may seem obvious, but ditch the duvet and use a thin cotton sheet if you prefer being covered while you’re asleep.)

… and finally…


Longer days does often mean we can do more things, but just because we can doesn’t mean we should.
Here’s a great piece from On Being exploring being busy.
“Are you a human-being or a human-doing?”

(Or are you a robot?!  Please excuse this very tenuous segway to the robots that work in Amazon’s warehouses, but I really wanted an excuse to link to this.)

Big love,

Luke X