Monday Motivation – June 12th

Hi folks,

Good morning boys and girls… Welcome to MONDAY!!!!

Here are some things I’m loving right now, enjoy.

Multitasking – is it a thing?
Science has basically shown that it isn’t (good article here)  Although I suspect ladies are better at hiding this than men?!
Here’s a great little article with tips on how to be stay super productive and stay focused on one thing at a time with Time-Blocking.

Jiro dreams of sushi
See what happens when one man decides to do one thing.  This is a stunning documentary about mastery, dedication and excellence.  Can be seen on most of your usual streaming sites.
You can watch the trailer here.

Even if you don’t watch the the film make sure you listen to the soundtrack on Spotify or YouTube.

I had the privilege of visiting FlowVibe last weekend and witnessing the results of all the amazing work Jason and the crew from The House of Yoga put in to make it happen.  Given the awful craziness that happened in London the night before it was heartwarming to be surrounded by great people doing great things.  Defo put it in the calendar for next summer.

Living a meaningful life 
This is a great short read (8 mins) exploring Arnold Bennett’s eternally relevant piece How to Live on 24 hours a Day.  

Prioritise your life people.
Decide what’s important to you and get it done. 

 No Such Thing as Fish
This is my new favourite podcast.
Laugh out loud funny.
Genuinely fascinating.
Made in London.

Big Love,

Luke X