Monday Motivation – July 9th

Welcome back to the Monday Motivation email!

This was an idea Dr Luke Brady and myself started over a year ago where we share cool things we’ve seen, mostly health related but sometimes just cool stuff that we want to share with you, to remind us all what awesome stuff is going on out there in the world. Previous editions can be read here.

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On with the show…

1. Off the back of a big Henley week, I absolutely love this behind the scenes rowing video – remember the Irish O’Donovan brothers who won a silver medal in the double scull at the Rio Olympics – this is the funniest thing I’ve seen on the internet in ages. Inspirational stuff from the small Irish village of Skibbereen.

2. Congratulations to all parents out there who have survived another year at school. This is a video shown at my kid’s school reassuring us parents that ‘good enough is….. good enough’. Beware of ‘excessive hope!’

3. We put together this cool ‘spinal awareness’ page earlier this year, please have a look at ways to deal with stress, physical or nutritional challenges.

4. I hope you are all enjoying the summer in London. As a group, we’ve been busy and at least one of us from the Chiro London group has made it to  – Royal Ascot, the tennis at Queens & Wimbledon, concerts including Rolling Stones & Foo Fighters, the rowing at Henley, Fulham polo, Silverstone, and more – grateful to live in such a cool place.

5. If you are looking for a random thing to do this summer, how about the silent disco at the top of the Shard or a yoga glass at the top of the Sky Garden?

Dr Luke will be back next Monday but until next time,


Dr Craig McLean