Monday Motivation – July 3rd

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another dose of our Monday Motivation. Here’s what’s on my mind that I want to share with you this week…


It’s getting close to the time of year that our kids break up for summer holidays and I’ve just attended my kids school’s transition evenings where we meet the new teachers for next year. What I learned this year is how much work is going on behind the scenes by our teachers to help our kids prepare for the future.

Have a look at some of the great resources at Character Lab – one section discussing growth mindset vs fixed mindset is just one of the concepts helping our kids grow and learn. If you’re a teacher – thanks for another year’s hard work with all our kids.

Did you see the Twitter response to a dad asking for a few birthday messages for his son, Ollie, who was being bullied at school? Check them out here. (Seriously, have a look, it’s great and will make you smile)

Wandsworth Radio 

Supporting our local SW London radio station – Wandsworth Radio and especially Michael Stead’s team on Saturday breakfast is a good listen – . Michael’s been a client at Putney for years and I love what he’s doing on this community radio project.


Wimbledon starts today – I can taste the strawberries and cream washed down with some Pimms. Congrats to Jamie Murray and Bruno Soares on their Queens title last week and good luck to them at Wimbledon. Doc Bryan has been working with Jamie Murray for over a year at Putney Chiro and his adjustments help keep him in great shape.

Did you see Judy Murray has a new book out “Knowing The Score”?

I’ve booked tickets July 18-23 to take my kids to the ‘My First Ballet’ Cinderella production by the English National Ballet – details here.

Have a great week, enjoy Wimbledon and don’t forget there’s a little cycling race that started at the weekend, always worth tuning in for!

Doc Craig