Monday Motivation – July 23rd

Welcome back to Monday Motivation with this, the 54th, episode…

Thanks Doc Luke for those cool words last week on balance, I love the idea of balance – occasionally you’ll hear me say ‘everything in moderation, even excess!’

1. Two weeks ago, I shared a movie from the Red Bull ‘Way of the Wildcard’. This week I’d like to share another cool story, by the film makers of Red Bull about a young local man to SW London (Putney) who ended up in prison after a few wild years involved in organised crime – watch/listen to the story of him doing a full 180 degrees life turnaround. You can watch the film here and listen to the podcast here.

2. Something that caught my eye recently is a show called ‘Backbone’ – for obvious reasons this seems like a good show to share among our chiropractic group. A bunch of Aussie acrobats performing at Southbank that will no doubt inspire us all to take in more yoga!

3. You may have seen some headlines about omega 3 fish oil supplements and how it has been reported they don’t help with prevention of heart disease.

Here is the BBC reaction, here is the actual Cochrane review, and here is a response from the scientific community.

My thoughts – I’m still unclear as to why the medical and scientific community insist on discouraging us all from trying to make positive changes to our health and diet though improved nutrition and supplementation. I understand that there is no point in trying to find the magic (supplement) pill to replace poor health habits, but more should be made of encouraging healthy habits, nutrition and exercise to help us all stay healthier. (….jumps off soap box…)

4. On a lighter note, I purchased a drone recently and although I’m not totally clear where I should be flying it – have a look at some cool shots from my recent holiday in Sardinia – either here or here.

Stay healthy and well,

Doc Craig

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