Monday Motivation – July 10th

Hi everyone,

Summer is here!! Well, kind of. At least we have Wimbledon and Le Tour to entertain us!!

Without meaning to I’ve inadvertently made this email about “stress”.  Or more accurately, a few tips to help when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress and how to avoid it getting there in the first place.  Enjoy.

The Light Phone
I know our phone is no longer just a phone, but walking around with a supercomputer in our pocket all the time comes at a price.
Constant distractions.
Apps beeping and spluttering at us constantly.
I know when I “forget” my phone is feels like mini holiday…
Enter the Light Phone.
Super simple.
Just divert your calls from your main phone and you’re away.

(or for the next level up… Punkt offer this uber cool phone that harks back to the time when we only made calls and sent text messages)

Comfort Eating
Do you reach for food when you’re stressed?
Check this out for the breakdown on why comfort foods are addictive.

Stress survival tips.
Write it down.
Great article here about the power of naming the feeling that’s bothering you.  Just naming the feeling you have helps you start processing it in a better way.  Taking note of where in your body you feel the sensation is also crazy powerful.
Get writing!

Learn to breathe. 
Sounds simple enough, you’ve been doing it your whole life!  But this cool app can take your breathing to the next level… down…

It’s a freediving breathing training app which you can use as a form of meditation if you’re not so keen on Headspace etc…

(Only do these breathing exercises AWAY FROM WATER or with supervision here)

Cool video – Life Without Stuff
If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by it all you should probably just watch this (1:19).

Have a great week,

Luke X