Monday Motivation – February 12th

Hi guys,

Welcome to my first Monday Motivation for February. For those of your who didn’t manage dry January (like me) how about Feel Good February instead? Who’s with me? Here’s what’s on my mind this week…

1. Vitamin D 

The British Medical Journal last year released a meta analysis of studies looking into Vit D supplementation and they declared it was an effective way to fend off upper respiratory track infections in the winter. Works best if you are Vit D deficient but is effective even if you have normal Vitamin D levels in a blood test.

I’ve started taking these once a week…. (weird I know but I bought them off eBay!) other sources exist I’m sure.

2. Teeth 

My dentist got me on these TeePee brushes – as an alternative to flossing – I hate flossing – but seem to be able to manage a teepee brush – especially the ones with the handles. Using one will help prevent gum disease which can have a big impact on health and wellbeing.

3. Drugs in Sport

Lance Armstrong’s podcast – love him or hate him, this is worth a listen to and features Brian Fogel talking about his documentary Icarus (Netflix) uncovering the Russian State sponsored doping program. Especially with the Winter Olympics having started..

4. Winter Olympics 

Speaking of the Winter Olympics – did you ever watch winter Olympian Chemmy Alcott’s Putney Chiro testimonial video? You can see it here. Watch out for her on the BBC’s coverage.

5. Skiing Holidays 

And if you are skiing any time soon, I did these leg burning exercises to get me ready for my recent ski trips.

6. Flame Throwers

Sorry to disappoint, but Drew Martin has suggested we don’t have enough flame throwers – he came across Elon Musks flame thrower – unfortunately the 20,000 flame throwers he had on sale – are now gone – but keep checking in case he makes some more – when he’s not too busy putting a Star Man in a Roadster into space.

Until next time,

Doc Craig