Monday motivation – don’t stop movin’

Our Monday Motivation is a blast from 2001 from the (surprisingly) prophetic mouth of s-club 7. Thanks to Dr Theodore for busting out his best s-club style dance moves.

Don’t stop movin!

It may be a cheesy song, with a wicked film clip, (with unconfirmed rumors it was filmed at Fez Club in Putney…but probably not!) but the concept of movement to ensure optimal health and well-being cannot be ignored. By moving,  you ensure that your joints maintain their proper function, reducing the risk of subluxation or symptomatic pain (stay tuned if you do not understand this term).

We were designed to move, bend twist and play!

By moving your body you engage all motor functions, which is great for your spinal health & nervous system by stimulating all areas of the brain.

It will also  help to prevent degeneration, encourage vitality,  and the production of white blood cells to help keep you healthy. It helps reduce your levels of cortisol, a chemical stressor that your body produces that can affect your nervous system. There are the other obvious benefits such as burning calories and improvement of breathing patterns and concentration.

You do not need to run a marathon or complete a triathlon. You can start small:

– Walk to the tube instead of taking a bus.
– Do a few situps during the ad’s of Breaking Bad.
– Head out for a boogie on a Saturday night without having 9 million pints before.
– Cycle to the shop instead of taking the bus.
– Stand up every half hour at the office, do a quick lap & grab some water
– Add ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ to your playlist & get up everytime you hear the funky, funky beat!
– Go for a walk at lunch instead of sitting at your desk on facebook, twitter or instagram (unless your taking a QUICK look at all of our latest news!)
– Take on Dr Craig in the lunchtime 50 chinup challenge!
– Make sure you keep getting adjusted, it will keep those joints moving correctly!

Many people will immediately say ‘I don’t have enough time’. I have taken up walking to and from our office in Putney from my home near Bishops park via Hammersmith Bridge everyday. It is a 45 minute commute each way and I am in the office from 06:30-20:00 to help you all some days. If you would like to join me – get in touch, would be happy to walk with all of you!

All it takes is a little motivation and discipline to get up 15-20 minutes earlier to move, instead of laying flat in bed hitting the snooze button. If you do require a bit more motivation and help, have a chat to your Chiro who can recommend someone to help you.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, Get motivated and remember – Don’t Stop Movin’!