Monday motivation decmeber

Monday Motivation – December 4th

Yo yo yo!!

Happy Monday you guyses!  (nice little Napoleon Dynamite reference there… )

December is here, the Christmas lights are going up, festive cheer is on the rise and it’s time to get your winter healthy habits dialled in…

  1. Here’s a link to our Chiro.London’s Festive Season Survival Guide post.  It’s a short, but worthwhile read.
  2. Rich Roll has done it again with an excellent interview with Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai who discuss how the foods we eat impact the health of our brain, specifically relating to Alzheimer’s Disease.  This is hugely powerful, actionable and entertaining.  Please put this one down as “must listen to”.
  3. Let the children fight.  Ok, so I’m not a parent (yet!?) and it’s easy for me to say, but here’s an interesting article exploring the notion that children who grow up learning to argue become more creative.  I, perhaps somewhat tentatively, recommend this NY Times article.
  4. Say no.  I touch on this in our Festive Season Survival Guide, but I think it’s worth repeating here.  Setting up healthy boundaries regarding our time and energy is really important.  Saying no to the extra night out or at least “that” extra drink can make the difference between enjoying a week and merely surviving a week…
  5. Say yes. “Yes” to water.  “Yes” to exercise.  “Yes” to bed.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy getting into the fun vibes of December!

Much love,

Luke X