Monday Motivation – August 7th

Hi Everyone!

The Summer Holiday season is officially here and we love hearing about all your adventures both near and far.  Stay safe, hydrated (?!) and have FUN!!

1. Speaking of adventures, our amazing Putney Chiro Practice Manager, Laura,  is about to embark on a new adventure of her own.  After 2+ years of helping Putney Chiropractic care for 1000s of people Laura is switching it up and pursuing a career in Photography.  (We’re also hoping she’ll have time to lend a hand in Fulham Chiro!!)

Thank you for everything Laura, your unwavering kindness and patience will be missed and we all wish you health and happiness for the exciting changes ahead XX.

2. How to raise creative kids – I found this great short video exploring strategies to help support and encourage creativeness in little ones.  (2:33 min)

3. My favourite Podcaster, Rich Roll, recently posted a wonderful interview with Scott Harrison who heads up Charity Water whose aim is to bring clean water to the 1 billion people (yep, 1,000,000,000 people… 1 in 10 people on the planet) who don’t have clean water.

Great conversation.
Great mission.

(What’s your mission?)

4. Chasing Coral – Sticking to the water vibe… this superb documentary dives deep into the impact carbon absorption in our seas is having on our declining coral communities.  A must watch.

5. What the Health – My PT mentioned he saw this incredible documentary that has inspired him to go vegan… a pretty huge shift in eating habits!
While not everyone is ready for (nor can agree on) such a change most people can accept and adopt the following:

Eat real food.
Mainly plants.
Not too much.

Happy summer XX

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