Monday Motivation – August 21st

Happy Monday!

Here are some things I’m loving right now, enjoy…

Read it yet?
This book has been doing the rounds in our clinics, Legacy by James Kerr.  James spent five weeks with the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team and shares his insights and the techniques that arguably the most successful sports team in the world use to create a culture of excellence.
A great summer read. 

The future is getting closer for some… 
Elon Musk shared his dream and made his plans for a vacuum like tube transport system open to the public a while back and now some firms have started building their versions.  Some are getting closer than others. Check this out (1:36min).
When did you last dream big?

Da Vinci online.
Well he sure did take his time!  However, now thanks to the forward thinking British Library anyone can peruse some of Da Vinci’s notebooks for free.  
Have you written anything lately!?

It’s too hot!
I watched this seriously moving exploration of the state of the world’s coral reefs, Chasing Coral, (1:29hr) on Netflix.  Rising sea temperatures is a BIG deal.  These truly beautiful and important habitats are rapidly disappearing and so far only a few highly dedicated people are trying to turn the tides (so to speak) on this global issue.
Definitely worth a look.
People who spend more time outside tend to care more about “outside”.  When did you last explore nature?

Cycling without lycra.
Here is Juli (crushing it) and me (hanging on) down the rain sodden straight at the Brompton World Championships around St James Park.  Nearly 500 participants from all over the world braved the elements and were loudly supported by many dedicated fans.
Thank you to all those who came along!
When were you last out of your comfort zone?

Enjoy the rest of summer!!

Luke X

Ps. This (4:08mins) is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long while 🙂