Monday Motivation – August 13th

Hi guys,

Thanks again for being a part of our health community covering London’s south west. We’ve had some great feedback since restarting after our month off in June.

A quick reminder – we send the Monday Motivation emails every Monday morning at 6am except for the last Monday of the month when you’ll get a round up from the team at your chosen clinic. Our aim is to keep you informed, motivated and healthy.

1. My boy Lachie had his 11th birthday on Thursday and he is a subscriber to Whizz Pop Bang – a science magazine for 6-11 year olds. He was so moved by 9 yo Felix’s video he loaded it up and sat with me to make sure I watched it and took in the sentiment. Felix set up Plant for the Planet an organisation that has already planted 15 billion trees. Check out the video here.

2. Men are apparently better navigators than women…. but it’s not due to an innate talent it’s down to inequality, read on…the unpleasant reason men navigate better than women.

3. Someone doing their part to help inequality, well in sport anyway, is Tammy Parlour, founder of Women’s Sport Trust. She has a great podcast here.

4. Mental health is, we can confirm, helped by physical exercise, just not more than 23 times per month. Every other day for 30-45 mins gets the best results.

5. Alcohol, I’m sure like me the recent heat wave has increased your alcohol intake, the thought of that cold refreshing beer or frozen rosé known as frosé (yes it’s a thing). Anyway, check out this cool alcohol calculator comparing your habits with countries around the world. Booze calculator: What’s your drinking nationality? Remember 14 units a week is the recommended limit. (And that’s not much)

Signing off.

Doc Craig Mclean