Monday Motivation – April 9th

Hello and “welcome back” to those returning from an Easter break and “enjoy the snow or sun” if you’re still away!

April is upon us and no doubt summer (?!) will soon be here.  Now is a wonderful time to re-engage with all those wonderful intentions we had for 2018 that we may have let slip in amongst the snow, half term, Boat Race… and generally getting distracted and falling back into the some old routines.

So, with that in mind, here are some of my old (and new) favourite things that I hope you find useful.

1. Smoothies for breakfast don’t need to be complicated.  (This remains my favourite recipe.) For those of you who want to totally geek out on new high tech blender Nutribullet has released an amazing new blender that tells you the nutritional value of what you’ve seen fit to pulverise.  Freaking amazing!

2. Holidays. Some of you may have noticed that I don’t take many holidays (something I’m looking to address!)  I know a few of you are still away or just got back from an awesome place – I’m looking forward to checking out this farm in Ibiza some time soon!  (I welcome other holiday destination suggestions too please!)

3. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.  Seems like everywhere I turn there’s another book, celebrity, app reminding me to take 10 mins to count my breathes and watch the full degree of crazy unfold in my head.  Aaaaagh!  I keep coming back to Headspace for my daily dose of chill time, one of the original apps and definitely still one of the best.  Light Watkins’ zero BS approach to meditation is superb and his new book, Bliss More, is a great place to start building the basic skills for a long lasting and fruitful practice.

4. Keep it simple.  (I nearly didn’t include this, but…) Being a healthier & better version of yourself really doesn’t have to be hard.

a) When it comes to food, eat real food. Don’t buy crap at the supermarket, if it doesn’t make it in to your house it’s less likely to be eaten.
b) Exercise. Do some. Find something you like (*trying new things = more interesting you) and do it on a regular basis.
c) Go to bed earlier.  Your body heals while it’s sleeping.
d) Drink (more) water.  You’re mainly water, drink it.
e) Be nice to yourself and others.  Being nice is, sadly, becoming a rarity, therefore the perceived “value” of being nice is going up.  Smile.  Give compliments.  Hold a door open.  You just might change someone’s day! (Maybe yours!?)

5. Take flight. If that all sounds just too hard go and buy an Iron Man suit and fly away.

Big love & have a great week,


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