Monday Motivation – April 3rd

Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY!

We hope you’re enjoying a couple of healthy insights and tips first thing on a Monday, and today I’m kicking it off with some ideas for building a morning ritual…

1. A great start to the day can really help us be effective and satisfied as we move through our busy lives. Whether it’s meditating, exercising before breakfast, writing in a journal or grabbing a cold shower (seriously!) there are many different ways you can create a morning ritual that’s right for you. Read all the tips here.

2. Lots of our clients are reporting that their babies first turned after they started Chiropractic care. Read this to find out why…

3. Saw this passing through Heathrow Terminal 2 last weekend… What the!?

4. Watched this incredible documentary with our amazing Chiropractic Assistants last week.  What The Health is a must watch for everyone interested in how our food choices impact on our health, the environment and political decision making processes… woah…

5. This is just great, it WILL make you smile.

Big love and have a great week,

Luke X