Monday Motivation – April 23rd

Good morning wonderful people – I hope you’ve all been able to enjoy some time in the sun!

The Sun.  
The giver of live on this planet.  We all want to see it and will often travel far to get some.  Treated with respect it nourishes our bodies, but let your guard down and it can quickly cause harm.  Here’s a great article (short read) that gives some tips for natural protection and how to enhance the benefits of catching some rays.

Saving animals.
Some of the most threatened animals on the planet are also the most interesting, take this little guy for example: a green-haired turtle that can breathe through its genitals.  The NY Times is helping shine light on our very own Zoological Society of London’s “EDGE of Existence” who are committed to protecting globally endangered species.  Really inspiring stuff.

Want a happier, more fulfilling life?  
Yep, thought so, me too.
75-Year Harvard study followed 724 participants and the lessons were very clear, relationships.  Taking the time to nurture and invest in meaningful relationships was the main contributing factor to feeling happier and fulfilled.  Tell the people you love that you love them, hold hands, leave thank you notes, talk over dinner instead of watching Netflix…
(Life usually isn’t as complicated as we’ve let ourselves believe!)

Plant Protection
As the resident vegan I’m pretty much up for most plant based “healthy eating”.  However, I recently came across this book, The Plant Paradox, that describes how plants will naturally defend themselves from being eaten (obvs!) and how some of the foods that we traditionally thought to be “healthy” are most likely contributing to disease.  Written by Dr Steven Gundry a Cardiac Surgeon and researcher, it’s a super easy read, genuinely fascinating.
Here’s a shopping list to get started!

Find new music
I say I love new music, but in all honesty I tend to listen to such a tiny fraction of the seemingly never ending stream of new stuff.  Here are some tips to help stay in the loop for some perfect summer vibes…

Big love you guys X

PS – We love a good start up, especially one that promotes a healthy lifestyle… meet Pedal Me basically its like Uber but on a bike!  Just in time for summer.