Monday Motivation – April 16th

Hi everyone,

Looks like we may have some spring weather finally coming this week, fingers crossed.

I was chatting to a client last week, thanks Di, about these great talks that Funzing put on each week – it’s essentially talks/workshops put on by people who have a talent, hobby or some knowledge to share and Funzing brings you together with the hosts. Check out the London talks here.

Charli, my 8 year old daughter, asked me this morning what was milk homogenisation – I bumbled through and explanation – then looked it up here and while I was doing it I found a great piece of researching the ideal length of time to obtain the perfectly dunked Oreo cookie.  Then I went on to read about the health benefits of raw milk over pasteurised and homogenised milk. Then I had a cappuccino and a snooze on the sofa (it was Sunday).

Earlier this week Mick Fanning – one of Australia’s best surfers retired from the World Tour – watch this great (cartoon) video of Mick’s life  – how his brother’s death at age 17 gave him the drive to follow his goals and eventually rule the surfing world. You can read more about his story here.

Did you see this article in Men’s Health about back pain being on the increase? Apparently now affecting 12% more of us and your ‘9-5’ is probably to blame.

Thanks everyone who voted in our Opioid poll, great to see so many of you (96%) thinking attempting exercise and movement is a better way to tackle chronic pain than opioid use.

Must also share this snow park, I’ve never really see anything like it – a chiropractors dream (it’s gotta hurt if you get it wrong). Footage from the Audi Nines Sessions from Solden, Austria here with kids doing sublime tricks all filmed on drones. Lastly speaking of drones – my days of not owning a drone have finally ended and I filmed Gail swimming in the open ocean last week – have a look!

You loved Hugh Jackman’s rehearsal video from a few weeks back, now check out the ‘bearded lady’s rehearsal video‘ from The Greatest Showman with “This Is Me” by  Keala Settle.