Monday Motivation – April 10

Hi guys,

Doc Craig here back with my next installment of some Monday Motivation for you.

Here’s five things to kick-start your week…

1. In case you missed World health day here is a piece I did titled ‘The unexpected health benefits of chiropractic care’ with some great video testimony from some of our clients discussing some welcome, but unexpected, changes seen.

2. Yoga – sometimes we can’t fit all the healthy things we should do in to our busy schedules – well here’s a great free 20 min yoga podcast you can listen to and do for 20 minutes at home – there are around 120 different podcasts recorded 

(Obviously my particular favourite is episode 7 – yoga for cyclists. )

3. Picture editing – although I should be promoting using tablets and phones less, due to the epidemic that is poor posture in our community – I love Snapseed an app that will make you pics looks studio quality! 

4. The Herne Hill velodrome has had quite the make over this winter and they have a great school holiday and weekly schedule for the kids from age 2 and up – they have frog bikes your kids can use and it’s not expensive!

5. The guys over at Sheerluxe recently described a trip to see us as ‘the wellbeing appointment you need to make.’ They are holding their own Wellness Day in May and we’re delighted to extend the invite to you. Find out more here.

Until next time,