Michelle’s story

“I’m not a runner, not exactly. I’m a runner-wanna-be. I’m not training for a half-marathon and never will be. I’m happy being slow for someone who runs as much as I do. Happy. I run because it makes me happy. Thus, when I became pregnant, I decided to continue running because it made me happy.

At first, it was fantastic. It gave me thirty, forty minutes nausea free and made me feel strong. However, at three months, an old back injury from skating flared, and then, a sciatic nerve from a hip surgery. I powered through it, and even went kayaking for the first time at six and a half months. However, at seven months, I slipped on the stairs and banged my back. Finally I followed the advice of my midwives and made an appointment at Putney Chiro.

When I left the office after the initial consultation, all of my joints felt like they’d been lost and were suddenly found. Walking was easier. My first post-appointment run reminded me that I really love running. I hadn’t realized how difficult it had become. I had been considering quitting until after the birth of my baby, and suddenly I could see myself continuing.

After each appointment, my body felt reset, and I ran until three days before my daughter was born. I started running at six weeks post delivery, and my weekly appointments have eased the readjustment period in this body only vaguely familiar. Kinks are released, general soreness alleviated, and my bones seem to fit together better than before each appointment.

Now I take my daughter as well, at first to help her turn her head and now to keep her aligned. I suspect that if I had seen a chiropractor years ago before I started my sports injury journey, I may have avoided that journey. Hopefully, we can avoid it for her.”

Michelle LaPlante

[highlight2]This is a personal account of an individual experience. Every body is different and Putney Chiropractic makes no claims to help every person with every problem.[/highlight2]