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About me

In 2002 I graduated from RMIT in Melbourne after which I returned to my home town of Ballarat and established a family practice for two years.


After a while I decided to head out and explore the world. My travels took me to the UK and Oman in the Middle East where I settled for three years before heading back to the UK and finding my place at Putney Chiropractic three years ago.

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Experience and Achievements

Luke’s Experience of Chiropractic

I first experienced the benefits of Chiropractic care when I was only 4 years old. I had suffered from Asthma for 2 years and was continually in and out of hospital for emergency ventilation. Following the advice of some friends, my parents took me to see a Chiropractor after which my asthma attacks dramatically improved. After seeing the difference in my health, my entire family started using chiropractic care and now both of my brothers and sister are Chiropractors.

I love adjusting people from all walks of life – I know that Chiropractic will be beneficial to everyone who gets adjusted. Whether it’s to improve performance at work, home, school or on the playing field or even to relieve pain & symptoms, with gentle care and a plan of action, amazing results can be realised.


I thrive on the challenges of marathon running, cycling, rock-climbing and many other activities and am always eager to plan new adventures for the future. Chiropractic enables me to perform at my best and therefore gain maximum enjoyment from the sports I love. No matter how you like to stay active, we can perform adjustments that can increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Private Health Insurance

Please note Dr Luke is covered by all private health insurance companies except AXA/PPP.

Luke’s blog

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