Craig McLean


  • Graduated 1994 (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Special interest in sport, pregnancy and postural correction
  • Masters athlete – cycling (velodrome and road racing)
  • Skiing nut
  • Runs Putney Chiro and the larger Chiro.London group

Craig’s mission is to normalise the concept of attending a chiropractor, not just when you are ‘broken’ but as a way of staying healthy, balanced and stress free. Olympic athletes use us perform at their best why wouldn’t you? Craig became a chiropractor originally because he liked the simplicity behind the concept of using the spine to improve someone’s health – without the need for drugs or surgery. Craig practices this principle and loves to promote ‘the healthy spine, healthy you’ concept.

He graduated from Chiropractic college from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (R.M.I.T) Australia in 1994 and took over Putney Chiropractic Centre (est. 1986) in 2002. He grew up in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia and first came to the UK in 1999. He settled in London with his wife Gail and they have two international kids who love the UK and Australia.

Outside of chiropractic, he’s a cycling nut, who still in my mid 40s regularly competes in amateur cycling both on the road and track. He focuses on national masters events, but still mixes it up with the upcoming GB talent on a National B level/local midweek crit circuit. He rides for Nuun Sigma Sport London Race team – a sponsored but amateur group of racing addicts.

Skiing keeps him happy in the long British winters, he needs his back country escapes each year and he’s combined his skiing with becoming ‘the Ski Doc’ to many of GBs top skiers.