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About Bryan

Originally from Canada, Bryan has an honours degree in Health and Sport Sciences and a Doctor of Chiropractic. After a few years practising in Canada, he made the leap overseas to Ireland where he ran a group of leading Chiropractic health centres for nine years. Bryan moved to Cambridge in 2012, where he completed a Masters Degree at Cambridge University. After a one year sabbatical in Calgary, he returned to the UK and settled in Putney with his wife and two dogs.

Now in his nineteenth year of practice, Bryan continues to be amazed by the impact Chiropractic makes to the lives of his patients. As a competitive athlete himself, he knows first hand what it is like to be sidelined with pain or injury, and just how important having a healthy and well-tuned body is to all areas of life.

Dr Bryan is a highly experienced chiropractor in all areas of family practice. He also has a specialised background and passion for helping some of the world’s top athletes recover from injury and achieve optimal sports performance. Dr Bryan is experienced with patients of all ages and stages, from young children to the elderly. It is not unusual to find Bryan adjusting a baby one moment and a professional rugby player the next.

Dr Bryan blends advanced expertise in spinal, pelvic and extremity adjusting with leading techniques in myofascial release and functional neurology. He is certified in both Active Release Techniques (ART) and Trigenics protocols. Dr Bryan believes that pain relief is only the first step in the patient journey, and that chiropractic’s primary purpose is to restore function and balance to injured areas, as well as to the nervous system and body in general.

A former semi-pro footballer and Cambridge Light Blue ice hockey player, Bryan now dons the familiar red, white and blue of Team GB’s Masters Inline Hockey Team.  Outside of clinic, Bryan can be found cuddling pugs in his spare time whilst contemplating how to make the world a better and happier place.

Experience and Achievements

Bryan's Experience of Chiropractic

After 15 years in practice, I still love what I do. I enjoy working with patients of all ages and from all walks of life, with a keen interest in athletes, tradesmen, working professionals, and families. As a rule, I like to take a collaborative approach with my patients, helping them to identify their goals and then designing programmes of care to achieve those goals.

I love working with athletes of all ages and levels – from weekend warriors to elite and professional sports figures. While in Ireland, I worked with players from Munster Rugby, the Cork Hurling and Football Teams, as well as runners, triathletes, and top amateur athletes from a wide range of sports. I also had the honour of working with prominent performers from the cast of Riverdance.

Whether you’re a rugby player or a dancer, the goals are always the same – return to action, avoid injury, and keep the body in top shape for optimal performance. I believe Chiropractic is the perfect complement to any training regimen and helps support any active lifestyle.

I am experienced in working with pregnant women and children, as well as those with special needs.
I have additional certification and training in Active Release Technique (ART®), Orthotic Prescription, Clinical Acupuncture, and the assessment and treatment of scoliosis.

I have special interest in the area of diet and nutrition as it relates to weight gain, obesity, diabetes and chronic illness.

Bryan's Sporting Achievements

I’ve been an avid athlete all my life. As a youngster in Canada, I excelled in ice hockey, soccer, and freestyle wrestling. I played Div.1 level ice hockey, and competed in soccer and wrestling for the University of Western Ontario.

I went on to play semi-professional soccer for ten years in both Canada and Ireland, eventually retiring from footie in 2008. To keep myself active, I began playing inline hockey and was soon competing at the highest elite level in both Ireland and Europe. While at Cambridge University, I played varsity ice hockey for the Light Blues, earning MVP during a turnaround season.

In 2014, I was invited to play for Team GB Inline Hockey, and subsequently represented Britain at the World Championships in Prague. More recently, I am recovering from knee surgery and have my sights set on returning to elite level inline hockey later this year, hopefully in time to rejoin Team GB for the upcoming world championships in Italy.

I’m a keen rugby and football fan, and you’ll typically find me cheering for the boys in green. I love golf, but sadly have not yet mastered the trade-off between distance and accuracy. I’m up for anything outdoors, be it footie, running, rock climbing or bocce.

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