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About me

I completed my tertiary education, consisting of a 5-year Bachelor and Masters degree in Chiropractic Science, at Macquarie University, Sydney.

After a few European holidays, I couldn’t ignore my love for London, and so, in 2015, I decided to turn my dreams into a reality, and make London my home! I have recently moved to south west London and I can’t wait to get among the community and help those around me to be their best selves.

From a young age, my siblings and I were exposed to the benefits of regular chiropractic treatment. My family, like most, was always on the go – sports, after-school activities, studies and play dates. Our regular adjustments allowed us to keep up with our busy lifestyle, with little to slow us down in the way of cold and flu, poor sleep or aches and pains.

As a result of our continued chiropractic care, we had a mostly healthy and natural upbringing that allowed us to remain mentally and physically fit – something that was extremely important to my family. Being able to give back to the community what I had received, and to help others live a happier and healthier lifestyle, is a large part of why I became a chiropractor.

My positive personal experiences with chiropractic, coupled with a passion for human sciences and exercise, served as a strong foundation for my education and chiropractic career. I thrive on using my knowledge of the nervous system to ensure that others are functioning at their full potential and embracing a wellness lifestyle.

Ami-Bree’s Chiropractic Experience

Paediatrics has always been a strong interest of mine, and so pursuing postgraduate study in this area was inevitable.

As your baby grows, their early brain development sets the foundation for learning, behavioural competence and health, therefore, it is of vital importance to ensure that their brain and nervous system are stimulated and supported to encourage optimum growth and function. I’m passionate about ensuring that children have the best start in life and that little interferes with their physical and mental development.

I’m constantly challenging myself, mentally and physically, so that I can educate, adjust and help my community towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I love what I do. I have seen the positive changes that my clients, and others, have experienced as a result of chiropractic. Being a part of someone’s journey, helping them return to the things that they love, is the reason that I always have a smile on my face.

Ami-Bree and Sport

Sport has always been a big part of my life from a very young age.

I grew up playing netball, touch rugby and athletics – I loved being a part of a team. When I got to high school, I was made House Captain and represented my school in majority of sporting events, leading me to receive sports person of the year on several occasions.

University didn’t change that, and I represented my school at the Eastern University Games, where my team received bronze. Since moving to the UK, you can usually find me playing with my O2 Touch Rugby team or in the gym!

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