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About me

I completed my Masters degree at Macquarie University in Sydney before making the move to London several years ago.

My first chiropractic experience was when I was 15 years old; I remember walking out, feeling on top of the world and thought that if I could give other people the same experience, how full my life would be… I wasn’t wrong! My days are spent helping, educating and adjusting my community so that everyone can live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

I thrive on using my knowledge of the human body and nervous system to ensure that others are functioning at their full potential and embracing a lifestyle around their wellness.


Ami-Bree’s Chiropractic Experience

Paediatrics has always been a strong interest of mine and I have undertaken many courses to further my skill set in this area, including my Webster certification.

As your baby grows, their early brain development sets the foundation for learning, behavioural competence and health, therefore, it is of vital importance to ensure that their brain and nervous system are stimulated and supported to encourage optimum growth and function. I’m passionate about ensuring that children have the best start in life and that little interferes with their physical and mental development.

I’m constantly challenging myself, mentally and physically, so that I can educate, adjust and help my community towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Bottom line is that love what I do. I see positive changes that my patients and others, have experienced as a result of chiropractic. Being a part of someone’s journey, helping them return to the things that they love, is the reason that I always have a smile on my face.


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