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About me

I began dancing at three years old, and from this age onwards I have felt the power, beauty and freedom that comes with being able to move my body in the way I desire. Whether this movement is from intense activities like pushing my limits on a climbing wall, or carefree swimming in sparkling seas; whatever the intensity, the feeling movement creates is invigorating.
I feel it is important to maintain our body’s ability to move if we are to live happy, inspiring lives. Whenever I have stopped moving, due to an injury that was either physical, mental or emotional, my day-to-day life has suffered. I have consistently noticed when I move less I get into unhealthy eating habits, negative thought patterns, my emotions become unbalanced, and life reflects this back to me with experiences that lack joy, love and enthusiasm.
For me helping people as a chiropractor is a constant source of inspiration. I love how Chiropractic care can help people become more in-tune and connected to their bodies. Chiropractic adjustments directly influence our energy via our nervous system; the nervous system is quite literally our electrical hard-drive!

Chiropractic Experience

I am passionate about the link between our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects; it’s a beautiful obsession!
I love using muscle testings to accurately analyse a client’s pain and dysfunction to determine the appropriate diagnosis . It is fascinating to unravel the pattern of distortion within their neuromusculoskeletal system, and through specific fast adjustments harmonise these stress points.
I love the potential of Chiropractic adjustments to rapidly – free up blocked energy, relax muscles, improve alignment and increase movement. Without doubt I believe this is the power within everybody’s nervous system. No matter what your age, or the intensity and length of your problem, your body’s intelligence is supreme!
The most exciting aspect of regular Chiropractic adjustments is strengthening the connection between the left and right side of your body, and hemispheres of your brain; while enhancing the relationship between your body and mind. At this level of care you potentially increase your sensitivity and perception of everything within and around you.
Chiropractic is not just for pain but for moving towards your highest potential. This is when life really begins to sparkle!


Currently I have a love affaire with Bikram yoga. This began after taking part in the 30 day challenge, which extended to a period of 45 out of 47 consecutive days. This experience changed me. Not only physically, but mentally it strengthened my ability to have discipline and stay committed. It pushed my mental boundaries to new levels of empowerment, while simultaneously guiding me towards greater emotional mastery. I totally recommend this to anyone wanting to create positive changes in their body, mind and life.
Indoor climbing is another sport I quickly became addicted too. I love this sports ability to highlight my own patterns with fear and boundaries, while targeting the strength, stamina and flexibility of my body and mind.
A huge passion point for me is skiing and snowboarding! A couple of years ago I completed the BASI ski instructor course; I have always believed if you want to get really good at something, go on the instructor’s course! The speed and flow you experience on a slope is indescribable!! If heaven exists, there is a snowy mountain there – for sure!

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