Mark F’s story

Mark before chiropractic care

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Mark after chiropractic care

“There I was and, as you do, I was idly playing with my Blackberry whilst in the checkout queue at Tescos. I wasn’t expecting anything but then up it popped – a most unexpected mail from Mike – “I’ve signed up for a ride with some mates – do you want to come?”. But this wasn’t one of Mike’s usual pootles – this was three big days and we finished in Paris! Hmm, well if Mike can do it so can I.So I signed up. And then it started to dawn on me that some training might be in order, or indeed absolutely necessary. And what about my bike – perhaps a new one? And what about my knee – which had stopped me running? How would that cope? Hmmm. This was going to be a step up in my exercise levels and I wasn’t as light as I used to be.

Idly chatting with my sister she mentioned a chiropractor she rated highly. For a while I parked this, but having seen numerous sportive photos of me looking lop-sided felt it was time to explore what Dr Craig had to offer. I started with his website, noting his involvement with top class athletes, the cycling fraternity and that he was a rider himself.

I made the detour to the Putney Chiropractic Clinic on my way home one Friday evening. The first visit was partly exploratory as to my medical history and current problems, and the second included some x-rays. What emerged from this MOT? Well, after twenty-five seasons of rugby followed by some running there were one or two things to talk about including a pelvic imbalance causing knee problems and tightened muscles on one side of my neck.

Treatment started with spinal adjustments to the pelvic and lumbar areas with Dr Craig pushing and squeezing me into alignment – the occasional click or worse testifying that something had happened. The sessions were short but the effects immediate. Initially the effects wore

off after a couple of days but after a few weeks the benefits became permanent and the sessions reduced from twice a week to once a week. These days I’m on monthly maintenance with ‘homework’ to ensure my body remains biomechanically sound.

I “invested” in a Cervelo for L2P 2010 but a bike is only as good as its engine. With hindsight the much more modest amount spent on my health and well-being has generated benefits well beyond the riding ones. I’m sure anyone putting in the miles, whether for L2P or otherwise, would benefit from a personal MOT and tune up.”




Mark Field

[highlight2]This is a personal account of an individual experience. Every body is different and Putney Chiropractic makes no claims to help every person with every problem.[/highlight2]