Mark B’s Story – triathlon

Mark Burns and his family come in for a regular adjustments to keep them in great shape. Read below for a personal account of how we can help you through an initial injury and with some commitment and dedication you can leave the injury behind and do anything you set your mind to.

‘In 1999 I was referred to Craig @putneychiropractic by Sports Masseur John Young, after suffering with back problems for nearly 10 years.

During this time I would often spend days and occasionally weeks in bed, not being able to work or carry out everyday activities. I tried osteopathy, acupuncture and finally deep tissue massage.

After an initial consultation and X-ray, Craig diagnosed my problem and along with a course of treatment recommended a number of exercises to strengthen my back and central core.

12 years on I have still not suffered a relapse of my initial problem and thanks to Putney Chiropractic’s and Craig’s promotion of well being and healthy living, I am now a regular participant in triathlons and road cycling races, something I could not have imagined myself doing back in 1999.

Keep up the great work… ‘

Mark gets a tune up every month without fail and when he is pushing his body harder during a triathlon season or with heavy training we’ll see him every two weeks.

He also brings his family in for regular tune ups. Linda(mum), Ollie, Steph and Robyn we’ve seen regularly over the years.

As one last testament to the trust Mark has in us, he now refers some of his employees to us as he knows he can get more from his workforce when they are well adjusted.