London Ski Show 2006

Dr Craig, Dr Carlyle and Dr Adrian were at this year’s ski show, working with the pro skiers and riders helping them to perform at their very best.

Dendix and big air
The slope this year was not real snow, but a brush plastic material which reacts very differently to ice. Some of the athletes train on dry slopes and were used to the different feel, but others had only trained on snow. Either way, the run up was steep, the air was big and the landings were hard but the riding was impressive to say the least.

With a packed line up for each live display and competition at the show, there were plenty of skiers and boarders who were keen for an adjustment from the Chiropractors. All the guys take knocks and falls on a regular basis in training and competition, so it makes sense to check them out.

Best in the UK

As well as some of the UK’s best skiers and boarders, Dr Craig also worked with top wakeboarders and many of the acrobatic dancers modelling the new season skiwear at the show. All use their bodies in their professions, and are acutely aware of problems and left right imbalances.

Craig adjusted Mikey Wakefield before both the London Ride 06 final and the AIM 06 final – both of which he went on to win!

Dr Craig was visited by:
Graham Bell – Skier
Dan Wakeham – Snowboarder – Competed Winter Olympics 2006
Ed Leigh – Snowboarder
Mikey Wakefield – Freeskier – London Ride and AIM winner 2006
Jenny Jones – Snowboarder – ranked world no 2 2005/6
Andy Bennet – Freeskier
Nick Southwell – Freeskier
Chris Southwell – Snowboarder
Pat Sharples – Freeskier
Warren Smith – Ski Academy – Freeride Camps – Ride Series
Melody Sky – Ski photographer and freesport film maker
Zack Wragg – Dark Summer – Freeskier
Ben Hitch – Wakeboarder – Current European Champion
Gary Greenshields – SCUK
Rob Embling – Skier
Charles Smith – Skier
James McElveney – Snowboarder
Ben Kilner – snowboarder
Darren Haddrell – Acrobatic Dancer
Sean Graham – Dancer
Lizzie Gough – Acrobatic Dancer
Sener Abdullah – Dancer
Stuart Morgan – Oakley

Having your body perform at it’s best potential is paramount when you are flying through the air and need to be able to accurately judge your position in the air and, most importantly, your landing.

Many thanks to Oakley
We had a great spot in the chill out ‘riders environment’ which meant we could be on hand before and after all the big air comps.