Virgin Money London Marathon 2017

For the second year running we’re helping London Marathon runners hit their stride with this great offer…

We’re offering two visits to see us for just £50 (usually £170)which we will then donate to your chosen charity.

Last year we raised more than £1000 for a selection of awesome charities and we’re hoping to beat that figure this year. Check out the video below as a very own ultra-marathon runner Dr Luke Brady explains the relationship between running and chiropractic.

The offer is valid for London Marathon entrants or friends and family of any London Marathon runners – we’ll donate to your friend’s charity! The offer runs until the end of April – just in case the Marathon breaks you and you need fixing after it!

What you need to know about running & chiropractic

Many runners wait until they have pain before they get their spine checked. We think it’s wise to be proactive and get checked before an injury presents itself and allow the best possible performance.

Many of the injuries that we see in runners are due to spinal and/or pelvic misalignments that interfere with the nerve supply to the lower limbs, preventing the proper function and balance of muscle that are being used in a repetitive motion.

Just like a car needs proper wheel alignment to prevent tyres from wearing out unevenly, runners need an aligned spine to allow their legs to work smoothly too. A misaligned spine often leads to shin splints, knee pain, foot/ankle pain, back pain along with various muscle and tendon inflammatory issues.

Are job is to fine tune your body to make sure everything is working the way it should be. Runners who receive regular chiropractic treatment have less pain, perform better and move more freely.

Useful exercises to get you started