London marathon runners put best foot forward at Putney Chiropractic

This weekend sees thousands of runners from around the world take to the streets of the capital for the 2016 London Marathon and we’re delighted to have done our part to help a number of runners and their chosen charities.

As part of our bid to get our local marathon runners performing at their best we ran a special promotion in March where we donated £50 to charity every time a marathon runner booked in to see us. Through this we’ve managed to raise more than £600 for a whole range of different charities including St Johns Ambulance, MS UK and mental-health charity, Mind.

As well as this we’ve also been able to help those running perform and function better. Chiropractic treatment helps the brain communicate more effectively with the body by ensuring the nervous system is functioning correctly.

This is why it’s always a good idea for runners to be proactive and come to see us before they have pain or injuries. Not only does a nervous system that functions properly help us perform better, it also significantly reduces the risk of injury.

Our job as chiropractors is to fine tune your body to make sure everything is working the way it should be. Runners who receive regular chiropractic treatment have less pain, perform better and move more freely.

As our own ultra-marathon runner, Dr Luke Brady says: “By keeping the mechanics of the pelvis and mechanics of the legs running smoothly, it reduces the risk of wear and tear and maximise performance.

“It goes hand in hand with high intensity interval training which I’ve used to strengthen my legs dramatically. By having a healthy nervous system and nerve supply to the muscles they’ll bounce back and recovery more quickly after strength training.”

We’re big advocates here of helping people be healthier and improve their wellbeing but, more importantly, in helping people do the things they love doing. If you’d like to find more about ways we can help you can call us on 020 8785 6144, we’d love to talk to you.