London Marathon 2008

One sunny April morning, CA Fran headed off to London to run 26 miles along with 35000 of her closest friends. Despite all the rain and punishing distance – she made it!

In her own words…
The few days lead up to the London Marathon weren’t ideal: being woken up by drunken flatmates, having a tummy bug, and nervously racing around making last minute preparations and forgetting to eat. But waking up on April 13th to a bright crisp sunny morning – I knew it was going to be a good day.

Travelling by train, I saw many fellow marathoners making their way to the start line in various plastic bags, old jumpers and rhino outfits. I couldn’t stop smiling! That feeling stayed with me for most of the day. Who could resist smiling at the costumes, the grinning faces yelling encouragement along the side, the sunshine, the rain, the wind, the portaloos, seeing people you actually know waiting to cheer you on? What a great way to sight-see London!

The first 20 miles were fantastic, though I was having to stop and stretch my quads every few miles due to my knee cap being pulled out of line. My hilarious Envision charity friends jumped about the place and saw me at mile 11, 14, 16 and 22, though apparently by then I was “in a zone”. That was my zone of pain and struggling to stay conscious.

After seeing my best friend at the 22 mile mark I was freezing cold, my tummy bug had decided to finish eating my stomach, my knee felt like it was stabbing through my skin with every step and i was terrified that I might pass out and be carried away by the ambulance before I could finish!

I pathetically limped the last four miles with my eyes firmly fixed on getting that medal. I crossed the line at 5hrs 49 mins and 17 seconds, my best marathon time… so far!