Lifestyle disease and cholesterol

High cholesterol readings might be misleading.

Hi all, I’ve just returned from a thought provoking seminar about the metabolic syndrome. This is another way of saying lifestyle diseases eg diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. There was wonderful information and great tips about how to how assist people that have signs of lifestyle disease. Assistance through first line therapy (diet, exercise, relaxation) and supplementation seems far more attractive than taking pharmaceuticals and continuing with the same decisions that led to the problems in the first place.

One particularly interesting point regards cholesterol levels. Whilst it is the norm to have cholesterol tests via a GP that give overall cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglyceride readings, there seems to be another level of testing that is not the norm that is worth investigating.

The size of the LDL particles has been shown to be a greater predictor of coronary artery disease than the overall level of LDL. For instance if someone had LDL readings of 2.5 mmol it would be natural to assume that they are in the “safe zone” however if further blood tests reveal that the particle number is very high then they are at a much higher risk. The flip side also applies in that a seemingly high LDL reading might not be as dangerous as initially thought if the number of particles making up the high reading is relatively small.

A further consideration is that the use of statins to lower LDL level is a very common medical intervention. Perhaps many people taking statins don’t really need to be. This is a huge consideration as some of the more common effects of statins are – muscle pain – difficulty in concentrating – moodiness – low libido – Alzheimer’s

If you want more information on how to access the extra tests please get in contact with me and I will arrange that with you.

Yours in health
Dr Michael Bloom, Chiropractor.