Lauren’s story

“In February 2007 I started suffering from muscle spasms in my shoulders, back and down my left arm. My doctor prescribed painkillers and anti-inflamatories, but this didn’t improve things and the pain seemed to get worse. Soon after 3 of the fingers on my left hand went numb. My doctor suggested I may have a trapped nerve resulting from the muscle spasms and recommended that I see a Chiropractor and a Neurologist. I found Putney Chiropractic on the internet and made an appointment to see them and I also made an appointment to see the Neurologist the following week.

I had never been to a Chiropractor before, so I was a bit nervous on my first appointment, but Edwina talked me through how Chiropractic care worked, and what I could expect. After the initial examination and x-rays, Edwina explained the diagnosis and recommended a treatment that would help improve the whole of my spine and also my body functionality. Edwina also explained exactly what she would be doing and how I would feel the effects.

I went to see the Neurologist my doctor had recommended and had an MRI done, which showed I had a herniated disc in my neck. The neurologist recommended surgery – which seemed like a drastic option. I took the results of my MRI to Edwina, and she explained how Chiropractic could help my spine improve as the herniated disc was probably only part of the overall problem.

Due to the level of discomfort I was feeling I started going a few times a week for the first month, and although Edwina explained that it may take a while for things to improve I started feeling better right away. Soon the pain was down to an occasional twinge and a whole range of other little niggling things had improved. Before long I had feeling back in my fingers.

I now feel 100% better than I did on that first appointment. I know that there is no quick fix and that the healing process is ongoing, so I will continue to follow my Chiropractic plan and continue to improve!”

Lauren van Zyl